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How to generate inventory report

Step 1
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The following explains the instruction numbers in the diagram above:

1  : When in business mode, select the target organisation, and click on the Inventory report option
2  : Select the appropriate asset group from listed asset groups
3  : Select the asset manufacturer from the list
4  : Select the product to run report on
5  : Select the desired report aggregation type from the list. If period related option is selected, the report date option will prompt for the report start and end date. The asset current status aggregation type will generate report based on the assets current status. The report can be broken down by manufacturers if the yes option is checked.
6  : Select the date type the report will be based on.
7  : Based on options selected above, the available chart types will be displayed, click on the desired chart option to view the inventory report.
8  : The report view based on selected chart type.