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How to automatically transfer asset ownership

Step 1
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The following explains the instruction numbers in the diagram above:

1  : In either primary or business mode, when in the asset item detail view, choose the transfer ownership or sold from the status list
2  : Select Yes to initiate the automatic transfer, otherwise select No for normal status change.
3  : Specify the myAssetLookup account number of the individual or business the asset will be transferred to, you can find this beneficiary number in the profile update page.
4  : Click to save. You will get inBox messages regarding the status of the automatic transfer that you have initiated. The beneficiary will also be notified of the pending transfer. The final status of the transfer will depend on the beneficiary accepting or rejecting transfer offer. If the beneficiary fails to respond to the transfer request after 72 hours, the auto transfer process will be cancelled. The inBox message sent to the beneficiary looks as shown below.

Step 2
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The following explains the instruction numbers in the diagram above:

1  : Auto transfer beneficiary will get a message in the myAssetLokup inBox notifying them of the pending transfer request. Click on the messages icon to view messages. Ensure you are in appropriate individual or business mode based on the account number used in making the transfer.
2  : Locate and click on the appropriate transfer related message to view the details.
3  : Click on the transfer details to see the details of the assets being transferred to you, review carefully to decide if you want to accept or reject the transfer.
4  : Click Yes to accept, and No to reject.
5  : Click on the submit button to send your response. Both the transfer initiator and beneficiary will get inBox message regarding the file status of the transfer.