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How to add asset in individual mode

Step 1
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The following explains the instruction numbers in the diagram above:

1  : Select the add assets option
2  : Select the appropriate asset group from listed asset groups
3  : Select the asset manufacturer from the list
4  : Depending on the selected asset group, enter the expected asset primary and secondary identifiers. For phones the primary is the phone IMEI number, while for computers the secondary identifier is the MAC address (physical address)
5  : The information entered in the public asset information will be displayed to other members during a search operation.
6  : Fill the form with your asset details, it is recommended you update all fields. The asset product name and primary identifier are required. For country specific identifier, like car national plate number, you will be required to add the country of registration.
7  : Specify the asset status to be assigned to the item you are adding (by default the status configured in your personal profile if defined is assigned).
8  : Click the button to save