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The Global Asset Register

myAssetLookup is a global register for individuals, businesses, and corporate organisations to register their assets with unique identifier number, with the aim to mitigate against loss or theft, and help law enforcement agencies combat crime in the society.  More..Less...

  • myAssetLookup is a full suite solution proffering global asset ownership register for searching, verifying, and tracking; over their useful life-cycle for personal, trade, charity and corporate businesses. In addition, it provides platform inventory management and reporting features for business members.
  • You can add any asset that has either an electronic or physical unique identifier, e.g. mobile phones, computers (laptop, desktop, server etc), vehicles, luxury products (bags, watches, wallets, belts, sunglasses, shoes, etc), computer peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.), motorcycles, electronic systems (TV, music, video recorder), cameras, games devices, plant machinery, power generators, uninterrupted power supplies etc.
  • Undisputedly, asset robbery and illegal transfer of both individual and business assets is becoming more real and happens more regularly, myAssetLookup offers a simple and reliable way of registering these valuable assets. If a registered asset gets stolen or missing, the owner will flag it as such. When an asset status is flagged as stolen or missing, this status will be shown to prospective buyers who search in myAssetLookup - this will deter the culprits from engaging in the robbery/stealing act.
  • Asset ownership transfer can be conducted electronically using myAssetLookup between two parties, and the record will serve as evidence at any time.
  • myAssetLookup has a feature for registering found missing asset, so that it can be united with the owner.
  • When buying second hand assets, request the seller to provide the myAssetLookup proof key; with the proof key, you can independently check in the portal for the asset and seller information.


Individual Account

Individuals can register their assets for free, and update status if missing or stolen. Individual can transfer asset ownership to other members or have asset transferred to them. Individuals can search or verify assets.  More..Less...

  • People are deterred from stealing myAssetLookup registered assets.
  • Registering your asset helps you capture the details that would be needed for recovery if it goes missing, and greatly increases the chances of recovery.
  • If a registered assets goes missing or stolen, you can flag it as stolen or missing; and this set status and additional information will show up when a potential buyer searches for the asset.
  • When a missing registered asset is found, and the person who finds it enters the details in the portal's Found Asset option: you will be automatically notified the missing asset is found.
  • Asset can be transferred between any two parties - this provides proof of transaction, and know your seller (KYS) information.
  • myAssetLookup search will prevent you from becoming an accomplice in stolen goods cases as the searched asset ownership and status history will be made available.
  • You can register any physical asset with identifiable number

Business Account

In addition, myAssetLookup for business allows for bulk operation via file upload, access to customizable graphical and tabular report of your assets and their status; add and manage members in your team  More..Less...

  • The bulk operation option allows you to add your assets to the portal by uploading the data.
  • Using the update bulk operation, you can change the status of assets in the portal by uploading data containing the desired assets identifiers.
  • You can invite others to join as team member of your business membership account.
  • Grant and revoke access to team members for accessing specific asset group or carrying out some operations.
  • Comprehensive, dynamic, and flexible graphic and tabular report of your assets, based on status, location, date added, date last updated, etc.
  • Audit trail of team member's operational activities within the portal
  • myAssetLookup in-mail allows team members to exchange messages


Trade Business

myAssetLookup not only protects assets (goods) registered in it, it also provides sales and inventory report, as well as status report of every asset in the shop. You can escape the risk of buying stolen asset by checking in myAssetLookup for the current status before purchase.  More..Less...

  • It offers inventory management and reports that provides more visibility to sales and stocks.
  • Sales evidence: earn customers trust by using the portal ownership transfer feature to automatically transfer ownership at the point of sales to the buyer.
  • Attract more customers - buying from trades that have their goods registered in the portal will boost buyers confidence as it provides evidence of transaction and good ownership, that can be used if in dispute.
  • You can avoid buying stolen goods by clarifying the ownership status from the portal before purchase.
  • Further assurance can be provided to customers by using the portal asset auto transfer to electronically exchange the goods between the seller and buyer.
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Luxury Products Manufacturers and Businesses

Manufacturers and businesses of luxury products e.g bags, watches, sunglasses, wallets, shoes etc, and this portal to manage and track their products against pilfering, theft, shop looting or robbery.  More..Less...

  • Using our API, upload products serial numbers to the portal, and use same to flag such as stolen or missing if need be; or to transfer ownership to buyers.
  • The portal can be used for product authenticity verification.
  • If found when missing can easily be reunited with owner using the portal.
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Luxury Products Owners

Owners of luxury products e.g bags, watches, sunglasses, wallets, shoes etc, can protect their pricey possession by registering them and using this portal to manage and track them against being stolen.  More..Less...

  • When a product is flagged as stolen or missing it will deter it from being sold off.
  • If found when missing can easily be reunited with owner using the portal.

Leasing Business

Leasing companies can use this portal to manage and track leased assets until payment is completed.  More..Less...

  • Registering in myAssetLookup will ensure the leasee does not sell off the asset without completing payment, as such asset can be flagged as still under lease or stolen etc.
  • At the end of the lease tenor, you can use myAssetLookup to automatically transfer asset ownership to the lessee.
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Insurance Business

myAssetLookup asset ownership and status can be used to determine the true state of any asset before providing cover or paying out claims.  More..Less...

  • False claims can be exposed by tracking the status of an asset for which claim has been made against

Lost  &  Found

Have you lost an Asset or want to reunite missing asset with the owner?

Entirely free service: You can use the found asset module of myAssetLookup to add missing asset that is found by you, while those looking for the missing asset can search the portal to see if it has been found by anyone.  More..Less...

  • When the owner of a missing asset finds it listed as found, using the in-mail; contact can be made to initiate the verification and collection process.
  • To ensure this process is not abused, the portal will list all previously posted assets and reunite-status; this will indicate the genuineness of the poster found-asset claims.
  • Members can report found-asset posting as abuse, this will deter other members from contacting persons posting frivolous found-assets.
  • When a found-asset that matches reported missing or stolen is added to the portal, the portal will automatically send in-mail to any member who had flagged such a registered asset as missing or stolen.

Proof based asset ownership transfer made easy

Any two individual or business members can transfer asset between them and is subject to the potential recipient accepting the request for transfer initiated by the current asset holder or seller.  More..Less...

  • For any transfer conducted, the portal will keep the evidence of the ownership transfer between the two parties.
  • Neither party can deny the asset transfer transaction, and this transfer record will always show up any time the particular asset history is viewed in search by anyone.
  • Trading businesses at the point of sales can initiate ownership transfer of asset to customers who have myAssetLookup account. Know-your-Seller (KYS) and Know-Your-Buyer (KYB) made easier.
  • Organizations and government using myAssetLookup can use it to legitimately transfer asset to individual or other organizations.

Courier & Delivery Services

For both local and international delivery services, do not allow the valuable electronics assets enclosed in sent parcel to go missing, replaced or stolen.  More..Less...

  • Before you post a parcel, get it registered in myAssetLookup, and flag it as stolen if not delivered.
  • Don't just register your parcel, also myAssetLookup it!

Corporate Organizations & Charities

Protect your assets by registering them using myAssetLookup. The portal provides inventory management, fixed asset, and depreciation reports.  More..Less...

  • Adding your operational business assets to the portal will deter unsuspecting employees from stealing, pilfering, or illegally taking ownership of company assets.
  • Monitor, manage, and track assets ownership through its life cycle until disposal

Government & Public Sector

Prevent looting: myAssetLookup can be used by government parastatal just as it applies to other business sectors. Registered Asset can be linked with the custodian, and the asset status can be changed if the need arises to indicate the asset was unlawfully taken away - making it difficult to dispose such asset.  More..Less...

  • Registering assets in this portal will ensure accountability and good oversight for government and public assets.
  • Prevent unlawful removal or looting of government assets, particularly when there is change in leadership.
  • Assets looted that are not duly transferred to new owners will be difficult to sell off as such assets would show up as stolen when searched in the portal.